Melina Fatsiou-Cowan


Melina Fatsiou-Cowan is a self-taught artist who has spinal muscular atrophy. She was born and raised in Greece; then married and lived for 15 years in Huntsville, Alabama. In Alabama Melina could not get the assistance she needed to live at home, therefore, she and her husband moved to New York City where Melina gets 7 days-24 hours of attendant services.

In New York City Melina has also found a vital disability community; she has become very active in Disabled In Action and NYC ADAPT.

Melina always loved to draw and paint. But, while growing up in Greece, she believed only the "perfect" body should be represented in art. While growing up, she was always made to feel ashamed of her own disabled body. She says: "I thought my scoliosis, was a horrible deformity until, after I came to the US, I started painting bodies with scoliosis. I then discovered that scoliosis gives a magnificent flow to the body. Now I love to paint disabled people. I think disabled bodies have not less but more esthetic value."

Melina's work has appeared in New Mobility Magazine and has been exhibited in the US and in her native Greece.



Lady with Scoliosis
Feeling Good
Hoyer Lift
Ramp to the Moon
Mountain Road
Giulia's Shoes
I do not hide my fingers
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