Celebrating Differences:Disability Culture

Course Number 0439

On line 9 weeks: Oct.23 thru Dec.22


Most students enroll in non-credit status. If you do not need to earn academic credit or a grade, you should take the course on a non-credit basis.  You may request a "Record of Attendance" from the New School for a fee and a "Course Description and Student Evaluation" from the instructor.
Tuition: $395
Services fee: $10

General credit
If you are a degree candidate at another college or university, you can earn 3 credits (social sciences).  You will receive a grade for the course and are entitled to a transcript of record.
Tuition: $632 per credit
Services fee: $43

New School matriculated students will earn 3 credits toward their degree (BA or MA). Students should always consult with their program advisor before registration.

Only New School matriculated students are eligible for financial aid through the New School.  However, scholarships are occasionally available from private funds (not connected to the New School) for really deserving non-credit students who have a disability and are receiving SSI or Medicaid.


Registration for this course closes Oct.13. You are urged to register as early as you can since enrollment is limited.

You can register via the Internet at the DIAL website (http://www.dialnsa.edu)

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New School for Social Research -- Fall 2000

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Course#   0439
Title:    Celebrating Differences: Disability Culture
Tuition:    $395
Services fee:   $ 10
Total:    $405

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