Celebrating Differences:Disability Culture

Course Number: 0439

On line 9 weeks: Oct.22 thru Dec.21 - $410 Non-credit.

This course is taught in the classroom at the New School for Social Research in New York City. It is also offered on line through the Distance Instruction for Adult Learners (DIAL) Program. How does DIAL work? Through the internet, you "come to class" at your convenience - anytime you want, from home, work or on the road -  and always find a discussion in progress.  The channel of communication is the only significant difference - instructional methods, group interactions, and materials are the same as those used in the classroom-based curriculum. The instructor lectures, provides resources, asks and answers questions, gives assignments and offers both public and private feedback.

To find out more about our Cyberspace Campus visit the DIAL website.

To get an idea of how this course works, take a look at a sample on-line discussion.

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